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3rd December 2018

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For The Champagne Kid December has started as November finished with winners, winners, and winners!

Dubai One WON @ 10/1

Champarisi WON @ 3/1

Delta Work WON @ 10/3

+29.33 points up after just 2 days.

That follows +136.27 point’s profit in November!

In fact, SEVEN profitable months from the last eight!

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The stats for this tipster are hard to ignore;

+875.34 points since October 2017

+717.31 points in the last 12 months

+719.62 points in 2018

+141.61 points in the last 30 days

+403.82 points in the last 90 days

+62.52 average monthly profit over the last 14 months

£625 average income per month @ £10 per point stakes

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Re-invest some of those profits and you could easily take that income to £1,000 plus per month!

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SEVEN winning months from the last eight!

FIVE consecutive winning months!

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