Free Month of Successful Tipster - No Card Or PayPal Needed!

21st November 2018

Latest News | Free Month of Successful Tipster - No Card Or PayPal Needed!



Today we have the mother of all Free trials for you - no Paypal or card needed - 100% FREE!

After much anticipation and some spectacular proofing RaceFan is now live!

The facts speak for themselves;

  • High Strike Rate (46% WIN)
  • Plus 1,000 points profit in 17-months
  • Average monthly profit +58 points
  • An amazing 48% return on investment
  • No Large Investment Needed
  • Amazing Income Builder
  • Consistent monthly profits

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As you'll soon see RaceFan has gone way beyond proving itself to hundreds of passionate punters across the globe.

A Massive 1,000 Points Proofed In Just 17 Months!

RaceFan started advising on July 1st 2017 and up to now he has proofed 1,000 Points. The return on investment is 48% and the strike rate is 4%!

Betting at £100 a point that's a monster £100,000 or for smaller banks betting at £10 a point that's still a very tasty £10,000!

Over 17 months RaceFan has proven YOU CAN make betting pay huge rewards! An average of +58 points a month can’t be sniffed at.

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