Unbeaten This Year - No Losing Months! (Now Only £1)

8th November 2018

Latest News | Unbeaten This Year - No Losing Months! (Now Only £1)

USA Racing Club is profiled today and we also have a fantastic special  offer for you.

For me this is the only service I have seen anywhere to make consistent long term profits on USA Horse Racing.

Jimmy the man behind this service is as knowledgeable as anyone I have come across in the industry with a comprehensive knowledge of not only the USA Racing but also the UK with his other service The Shrewd Tipster. I have been lucky enough to share a few drinks with him at various race courses over the years and been privy to some top information on those days from him as well. Contrary to popular myth not all Scotsmen are penny pinchers and he also bought his share of the beers!

If what you want from a tipster is consistent winners and consistent monthly profits (Lets be honest isn't that what we all want?) then this is the golden ticket.

He is unbeaten in 2018 with NO losing months at all just month after month of profit. In fact, he has only ever had two losing months – EVER!

Jimmy Welsh and his expert analysis of USA racing is the best you will find – his record proves it.

Over 975 points profit in over 20 months of service.

So let’s break USA Racing Club down and look at the facts figures and stuff that really matters when making decisions about if you personally should look to join this service. 

The BIG headline 

Long Term Profit– All Results Proofed – Many Successful reviews

975 Points Profit Since Launch in February 2017

All bets are staked between 1 to 5 stakes depending on confidence and are Win or Each Way Bets. 

All results since day one are full recorded and proofed on the Betfan site and I have never as yet found an error on this proofing when checking my results against there’s.

To see all results since launch simply CLICK HERE then click on the banner at the top and you can see the overall results. Scroll down and you can see the month listed below. If you click on these months you can see every bet ever advised. 

Bets are always delivered well before Racing usually at teatime around 5.00 for late evening racing. The key being I have never missed a bet.

Does this service rely on value bets (Eg Early prices) to make profit? NO it does not but I would add a caveat to that.The Tipster is very much about looking or value opportunities and for Horses that are overpriced so value is important. Personally I have been achieving about  85% of the results that he reports and sometimes I might not get my own bets on till an hour or so after getting the email. 

The secret Jimmy tells us that he essentially makes profit by captializing on the bookmaker's mistakes! I can’t argue with that since I have been following his service with some incredible big priced winners including two at 40/1 in the same night just before Christmas.

To put that into perspective, over about 18 Months I have been making about 85 points profit to every 100 he achieves with the difference in price. That would be better if I was betting instantly I got the email each time but still overall I am very happy with the profits I have made

How long does it take each day? Just five minutes of my time after getting the email, it really could not be simpler. 

So what exactly do you get for your money?

Tips every Thursday to Saturday dn sometimes on a Wednesday. Average probably about 2 to 3 tips on a tipping day.

So how much does it cost?

Well exclusively to Tipster Champions you can get one of two great offers, which ever personally suits you.

Click below to learn more about The USA Racing Club and see all previous results and if you like what you see grab a £1 trial. 


14 days for £1 followed by £66.00 a quarter

So should you sign up?

Are you are interested in trying a quality  tipping service for an incredible price?

Providing you can manage £10 a bet and above then I think you will find it a wise investment and please do not get to hung up on the fact its betting on USA horse racing, profit is profit and this really is so easy to follow.


If you have any questions about this service or anything else I feature please just hit the reply button and I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.