Make A Low-Risk £1,000 A Month

8th October 2018

Latest News | Make A Low-Risk £1,000 A Month

In summary, we can highly recommend Ultimate Profit Club, it has passed with flying colours and produced some of the most consistent profits we have seen so far in any of our horse racing reviews."
- Goal Profits Review -

Not only can you make a £1,000 a month on average you will also win around 79% of your bets.

It’s low risk too – rather than have a losing bet (they happen) and lose 100% of your stake – how about losing just 15% off that stake – sounds a lot better to me.

Ultimate Profit Club received a PASS rating from top review site Goal Profits!

Join the Ultimate Profit Club today and you can virtually guarantee profits like these.

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Every evening before 6pm you will be sent the next day’s horse racing selections. These are horses that WILL shorten in running.

With UPC you simply trade these selections before and during the race.

Don’t panic – this is easy to do and not only will you get a FULL and very comprehensive operating guide there is also a video showing you how to do it.

Plus, help and support 7-days a week!

There has never been an easier way to make £1,000 a month.

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This is how it works…

  1. Receive betting advice the night before racing sometimes as early as 6pm.
  2. Follow simple race instructions
  3. Collect your cash

Is really is that easy!

Rather than conventional betting where by you risk 100% of your stake if a bet goes against you...

…with UPC your biggest risk to your stake is just 15%!

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If you can open your mind to this – you WILL have found a whole new way of making a living from betting!