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11th October 2016

Latest News | Precision Betting With Spectacular Profits!

Hi ,

Do you fancy taking your betting to the next level?

Looking for an easy way to make awesome profits?

Luckily for you I have the answer to both of those questions!!

Selective Advisory Service

This service is really very special. Run by two guys who bet with absolute precision. They plan EVERY bet in such detail you would think it was a military operation.

SAS ‘Selective Advisory Service’ have been hitting the bookmakers coffers really hard for the past two years with their proven strategy and its something we have brought to your attention before, but this time YOU need to take action!

Forget about most tipster services out there because the guys behind this service are VERY selective. If you’re looking for 5-10 bets every day then this is NOT for you. If however you want to bet professionally, but on a part-time basis and make BIG profits from 9-15 carefully planned bets each month then this will be right up your street!

In just over 8 months these guys have made spectacular profits…

Over 362 Points Profit Since February 1st 2016!

+54.46% Return On Investment

WOW…that is an amazing return!

With so many tipsters on the market we know how difficult it can be to choose the right one’s, but this IS really VERY good!

With that in mind we have arranged for YOU take a 28-Day Trial at a 50% discount…now that is ridiculous on service of this quality!!

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Selectivity is the KEY , just hit these carefully selected bets hard when they come up for long term rewards, and that’s exactly what these guys do, and they do it to perfection.

You can view every single bet advised HERE

This is all about being selective and making AWESOME returns!

If you want to put your betting on a more professional footing you can with the SAS and use their part time betting plan.


SAS are in great form, in fact, they’ve NEVER really been out of form since they started. They are currently +11.63 points up so far in October and powering towards yet another profitable month.

In fact, since they started in February this incredible service average +42.67 points profit per month!

Over £426 per month at £10 per point!

Or compound the profits each month & turn a £2,000 bank into £6,548.11!!!

That is the potential this service offers...Now that’s IMPRESSIVE!

Plus you back some impressive winners too, look at these recent bets…

Rock Warbler – Won @ 9/2

Juanito Chico – Won @ 9/2

The Resdev Way – Won @11/4

Caesar The Gaeser – Won @ 9/2

Medina Sidonia – Won @ 6/1

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Now there won’t be bets everyday, so this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea because if you like loads of bets every day this will definitely not float your boat. But if you want quality over quantity, and to treat your betting as an investment and to take things to the next level, then there is no doubt, you SHOULD join the SAS.


Unfortunately numbers are close to full capacity, so this trial offer HAS to be strictly limited, once places are full that’s it the offer comes down.

This service is HIGHLY recommended.

If you want you get involved then I would not hesitate, head over to this SPECIAL OFFER page now and get yourself on the fast track to BIG betting pay days!

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Thank you for your time and enjoy a very profitable 28-day trial!

Best Wishes,

PS. They have some big bets are planned over the coming week, so now is the perfect time to join!