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8th October 2018

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"One of the best horse racing reviews I've carried out for a long time" Ernest

"This service certainly does seem to have it all. With two years history behind it too I can safely say that this has to be a must for any betting portfolio based on the results we have seen.

- Betsfortoday review - October 2018 -


Wow! That is a some testimony from Ernest a reviewer at BetsForToday.

He was referring to a just concluded review of USA Racing Club run by 20 years experienced betting pro Jimmy Welsh.

We are not surprised at al!

Since January 2017 Jimmy’s USA racing info has made over 978 points profit in 21 months of service.

NINETEEN of those months made exceptionally good profits.

In fact, Jimmy is unbeaten in every month this year!!

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The review by Ernest at top tipster review site Betfsfortoday sums up the consistency of this service perfectly.

Summary of Review:

Profit/Loss to £10 Level Stakes +£881.44
Number of bets 94
Number of wins 34
Strike Rate 36.17%
Bank Growth 88%
Return On Investment 88.14%
Review Period 28th June - 22nd September 2018

£33 per month

£66 per quarter

USA Racing Club Conclusion

This service has proved that profits can be made from racing. The statistics speak for themselves. What was more interesting was that losing runs were minimal and there was enough profit to pay the subscriptions and have a surplus every month.

To £10 level stakes a total profit of £881.44 and £1954.88 to advised stakes is truly phenomenal.

It should be noted that prices should be taken as soon as the selections arrive as prices can shorten quite dramatically. So possible look to setting up an email alert on your computer or phone. Or you can pay a little extra to have a text message sent to you to alert you from Betfan. Selections are generally emailed across before 6pm each day.

With regards to the service provider – this was first class as selections always arrived in plenty of time and recommended prices were always available.

Overall I must give this a solid five star rating, as it really does have everything that anyone would want in a horse racing tipping service.

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Here at Betfan we believe you won’t find a better tipster.

At Betsfortoday they also think USA Racing Club offers you everything you need and want from a tipster service.

19 winning months from 21 and no losing months in 2018.

Averaging +46 points a month for nearly two years - £460 a month to £10 a point bets.

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