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11th August 2015

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Hi ,

Welcome to Unity Racing News, which is our first news letter with BetFan. We are Unity Racing club. We have proofed our service to BetFan for over a year now and in that time have established a reputation for delivering great profits for our members with a high return on investment. Over 950 points profit so far and with modest stakes too!

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Now, over the next few months on a Tuesday we are going to share with you some techniques to improve your own betting. We want to help you. It’s a common story, the client signs up with one of BetFan’s proven long term tipsters, with many services to choose from with results all proofed it should be easy to make money right? Well it is! Yet many don’t because of all the losing side bets punters decide to make which in turn kills the profits.

Today I am going to share with you a piece of theory I have been working on. You should look into this and test it in real terms on paper first before you start to put any money down.

I call it the flip flop fav’s technique, probably because I couldn’t think of a better name!

So I have this theory about a possible angle into a nice little profit stream (yes this really is the things I find myself thinking about all the time).

First I started thinking about other professional gamblers, I know many who like to try and hoodwink the crown to mislead the crowd to achieve better odds for themselves. They bet a horse that is 2nd favourite in the morning when it is easier to move markets with little volume a few larger bets is all it takes for bookies to get cutting prices. The punters watching the market see this as do the traders and before you know it you have a major gamble on your hands even better the favourite is now drifting like a barge as bookmakers try to balance the books. Then once volume is higher closer to the off they then back the horse they really like which opened favourite but is now 2nd favourite they bet it much stronger then the initial stake.

This thought process led me to wonder if I could see it in the market and could it be a system. The answer is I think so and here is how it works.

On the day of the race go on to Attheraces market mover page. This should be done about 10am to 11am. Look for a race where the horse which opened favourite at 6/4 or less and has now drifted to second favourite and the original 2nd favourite has been backed into favourite thus flip flopping now do the thing that everyone else isn’t doing back the drifting horse! There are logical reasons why this theory should work long term firstly your backing a horse that the bookmakers priced up short which usually means they think it has a decent chance of winning. Couple that with the notion that, Bookmaker’s prices are usually pretty accurate, with a drift it can mean you are now taking a value price.

There are plenty of ways of adapting this method to suit you. It’s simple but give it a try on paper first I think you will be surprised in the results. If you find success with it then please get in touch we would love to hear your stories.

Next week we are going to take a look at the mind set you need to be a successful Gambler and the things that tempt you into placing the bets you really shouldn’t have!

Also we salute BetFan for bringing up the whole staking debate we believe ROI is the only way to judge a service fairly.

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Back next Tuesday.

Matt - Unity Racing Club

PS: Remember if you're not a member of Unity Racing why not try out our full service for the next 14 days for £5.00. That's just £2.50 a week to find out if membership is for you! Simply CLICK HERE to get started today!