One Point Stakes Can Still Mean Huge Profits !

9th August 2015

Latest News | One Point Stakes Can Still Mean Huge Profits !

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One of the biggest recurring subjects we see in our mail box here at Betfan Towers is Staking

Here at Betfan we are in favour of varied staking for Tipsters who will sometimes have stronger information or will will have bets outlined by their system that is head and shoulders above other Bets.

It has to be said the majority of Members are also in favour of this but not all and we strive to provide the kind of services that appeal to all our Members or at least give choices for all

Certainly despite a strong support for varied staking we also have a hard core of Members who prefer level stakes betting and argue that level stakes should simply be just one point stakes.

Well the great news for those of you in favour of this style of Betting is that we have found a tipster who not only agrees with you but is also having massive success using this method of attack

The Really Good News is that this experienced Professional Tipster has had 

No Losing months Ever

Over 200 Points Profit since April this Year using Just 1 Point Stakes

Plus - One Point Stakes doesn't Mean betting on Favourites - On Friday we saw a Winner he advised at 12/1 and wait for it  . . It won at a massive SP of 33/1!

So I am sure many of you are now asking who is this Tipster and how can we learn more

Sam O’Brien is an ex-accountant who has been betting professionally for 10 years, you now have the opportunity to make simple, straightforward Horse Racing profits by betting with him

No outrageous claims of massive profits by using fancy staking plans…this is simple to understand as Sam bets to straight 1point bets. 

Over 200 Points Profits To 1pt Level Stakes Since April! 

> Just £10 on every bet would make you £2,000!

> What about £25, that’s a huge £5,000!! 

All this to 1pt level stakes and more impressive profits in comparison with most staking plans! 

CLICK HERE – Find Out More

Why should you join Sam? 

Here is eight reasons from Sam why you should… 

  1. Low Cost Membership - I want you to join me for the long term and I know this will only ever happen if you're showing a decent profit during any period after paying the joining fee.

  2. No Contract - This means you can cancel at anytime without reason.

  3. No Crazy Betting Days - Like I said earlier, YOU don't have to bet in every race. I'd say on an average day we'll be looking at 4 or 5 selections that have really caught my attention.

  4. Win Bets Only - My selection process is all about finding winners at great prices.

  5. One Point Staking - When I give you a selection I only ever recommend you stake one point to win.

  6. Quick & Easy - I'll email you and post my daily selections online. All you need to do is place the win bets with your preferred bookmaker.

  7. Fully Proofed - You can see all my proofing history by CLICKING HERE.

  8. Bank & Staking Plan - After joining you'll be sent my recommended bank and staking plan to help you get started.

As you can see, Sam means business, he’s not interested in one hit wonders, he wants to give you long term winners. 

Just look at some of his recent winners… 

Blue Wave 22/1, Hazzaat 7/1, Snappy Guest 4/1, Stardrifter 6/1, Beat Goes On 7/1, Midnight Rider 14/1, At First Light 7/1, Matraash 33/1, Captain Revelation 10/1 & Liberty Jack 14/1. 

CLICK HERE – To Visit Sam’s Website

How would you like to average monthly profit of 50 points and receive a welcome income of £500 every month placing £10 bets?

The more you stake, the more you make. All it takes is 5 minutes a day! 

So how much is this going to cost me?

When trying a service you should do so for 3 months at least. Sam has 3 and 6 month offers on his website. 

You Can Access Those Offers Here 

Not sure? Fancy trying Sam’s service before committing? No problem! 

Sam is offering you a 28-Day taster trial so can try him out and put him to the test. Use the special links below… 



, this is one service that is different, one you should not miss out on

Check out the website, find out more, view all the results, then click on the links above for your 28-Day tester trial. 

This is simple, easy and straightforward…what most bettors want. 

Enjoy the rest of your Weekend

Best Wishes,

Betfan Members Area

P.S. Sam has made an impressive +65 points last month and NO losing months Ever.