Bad News & Good News !

5th August 2015

Latest News | Bad News & Good News !

Hi ,

Tonight unfortunately we have some bad news to share with you all but also some very good news which we hope will more than cushion the blow.

I am confident by now you all know who Andy Bell is and for those of you who followed his bets over Goodwood both for his regular service and our Goodwood special (when he smashed Simon Holden in the Tipster Battle) just the mention of his name will I am sure bring a smile to your faces after the profits he has delivered recently

Andy really has been in supreme form over the last Few months but more on that later . . .

So what is the Bad News I hear you asking?

Well after Two Years of writing his very popular Daily Diary and publishing it in our Saturday News Andy has requested to take a break from the writing. This is quite possibly our most Popular Weekly article and we know a fair few will be disappointed like us but we respect that Andy felt he needed a break from this and the many Hours each week it took him to write it. 

But fear not Andy has no intention of calling a day on his Tipping and in fact we also hope that after a break we will see the return of his Weekly diary with Betfan later in the Year possibly.

For any of you that are interested Andy actually published a book of his First Year of Diaries called My Betfan Year which really is a very funny and Cracking read - You can find out more about his Book HERE

So What about the Good News?

Well back in February we made one of our very best special Offers yet on a Top Performing Service which proved incredibly popular and after discussions with Andy he has agreed to do the same offer for his service to help soften the blow of his Diary News.

When we did this offer before the Take up was very high and we expect the same this time which is why the offer will only open for a Few Days 

Andy is essentially offering the first 75 of you to act the opportunity to have Two Months FREE Of his Andy Bell Racing Service

First of all lets have a look at how Andy has been performing recently

His Andy Bell Racing Service made . . . .

June - 130.34 Points Profit

July - 96.61 Points Profit

His Performance in The Goodwood Festival Battle last Week . . .

Saw him smash a MASSIVE 97 Points Profit in JUST 5 Days

This really is a tipster bang in form but its no flash in the Pan as his Andy Bell Racing Service shows profit of well over 1.000 Points since it launched with us 2 Years ago, superb and consistent long term tipping from a real Gambling Professional

So here is the fantastic deal for you Today.

Click below to Grab Your Exclusive Special Deal which will essentially give you two Months for FREE!


NOTE -This offer is only Available for the next Couple of Days

Learn more about the Service HERE

Click below to Grab Your Exclusive Special Deal which will essentially give you two Months for FREE!


Its a superb Deal on a Tipster right in form at the moment and we know this one is going to get huge take up so reserve the right to shut the door at any point

Kind Regards

P.S. The Clock is ticking on this one as you will see on the Offer page, we will only keep this one open until Friday at the very latest!


This is Top Class information from a real professional gambler!