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18th July 2015

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Andy Bell's Racing Diary - (Sat 11th - Fri 17th July 2015)

Saturday 11th. We had a nice winner yesterday thanks to Hughsy's great race riding on ILLUMINATE when he kicked on at the furlong post and just held on making Pete and myself just under a "k" which we reinvested into LUCIDIA and once again she was given a shocking ride. Thankfully PCH was bang on target with AROD at Ascot and we finished with a great winning day.

A quick spruce and change in the Heathcourt and we are out in the town. A pint of Guinness in the Horseshoes, which is just down the road from the hotel and I should of sussed that not much was being sold as the bird behind the ramp said it’s a bit hot for that isn't it? As it was shite and for me to leave half of it proved the point. We watched ANDY Murray get his arse spanked in three straight sets and than wandered into town. We pop into the yard to see if PCH is in there to buy him a pint for AROD's win and shoot a few games of pool.

PCH is not back from Ascot and hopefully enjoying his winnings, I kick Pete's butt and eases a quick nifty out of him and we are on the roll.

Weatherspoon's is our next port of call and it's packed as usual. Pete is gagging to eat and once again I am doing everything in my power to divert his mind and when Joanne rocks up at our table it does the job as he is now more interested in her than the food.

We rock up at the Kings Club at around 10ish and Captain Bailey and his crew are in attendance and it's very obviously it's not their first drinks. We have a couple of very nice bottles of wine and Pete takes a closer look at the bottle when he dozes off and his head drops and hits the top of it lol lol. That's his queue to slope off and I'm not sure what time I followed suit.

Saturday morning and I'm wondering whether the bottle had hit Pete on the bridge of his nose and blacked his eyes, unfortunately at breakfast I see no lasting damage, dam that would of been funny.

Can you believe it at breakfast we actually book our house for next years Cheltenham, I have never been so organized in my life.
July Cup today and the sun is shining and I suspect a full house. I think the Favourite has a great chance, but I'm not convinced with Paul Hannigan this year so in such a difficult looking renewal I think it's best to swerve it.

Pete is staying at mine tonight so he is off the ale, but with a driver that doesn't mean I have to. I find out that my daughters are heading over, so I decide we can all have a bbq. My father will be at the races so I can invite him and I expect the drums will be banging and we will get a few of the usual suspects in attendance.

For what is such a very busy Saturday I don't get a great deal with any real strength through. So just the two for me THINK AHEAD 2/1 at Ascot for the boys in blue and CITY CHIC ew at 12/1 ridden by Hughsy here.

We pitch up with the normal crew of owners and trainers in the bar and things are going quite nicely until "John" rocks up with three bottles of pink bubbles, I don't care who you are with that stuff and the sun it sends the best of us loco and especially me.

CITY CHIC never really gets a blow in at the very impressive and well named BALLYDOYLE, but is one to watch for the future as he has been galloping really well at home.

Johns brother takes the short walk to the bar next and presents us with another three bottles of pink, I don't think it will worry them a great deal as between them they own most of Southend. Hannigan gets the Favourite up to win the July Cup in the last strides, after what I said earlier I've got to be fair it was a really good ride.

My walk of death now and trust me any house bubbles returning wouldn't be looked upon lightly, so once again the X's are through the roof with the hotels etc, etc this weekend, but as long as Greedy Joe's paying, which he is this month again, it lessens the blow slightly.

Pete and I arrive home to a nice crew and I am soon over the bbq and the effects of the bubbles are very apparent for all to see.
The night goes on far to long and this finishes another three crazy days in my hectic and unpredictable life.

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