A Unique Way Of Finding Racing Winners…

11th June 2017

Latest News | A Unique Way Of Finding Racing Winners…

We have some fantastic news today that really did take some negotiating, but here at Betfan we have pulled off an incredible deal for you.

The Zenith Racing System will change the way YOU bet!

This unique betting system, which has been developed by a guy with decades of experience and already with many ongoing successful betting systems to his name, has now made his most powerful profit building system available to a select number of investors.

A system so powerful it has generated over…

766 Points Profit Since March 2013!

We have over 4 years of proof this works!

Now YOU can get your hands on this very system, which WILL, change the way you bet forever for a one-off fee of just £11.75…normally £47!

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The great thing about the Zenith System and its major appeal is the very high strike rate, which is well over 50%. The system identifies smaller, but more regular returns as opposed to the long losing spells of waiting for that elusive 20/1 winner.

It’s this very factor that enables users to build big profits and BIG betting banks.

Selectivity is the key, so don’t expect bets everyday, but what you can look forward to is plentiful of winners that consistently increase the bank and ensure long-term profits.

Limited Copies available at this price – So Be QUICK!

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The profits have been nothing short of exceptional. How many systems do you know that are proven for well over 4 years?

Lets look at the facts;

  • Proven since March 2013
  • Bets on UK horse racing ONLY
  • Consistent drip fed profits for maximum gain
  • Strike Rate of 53%
  • Selective, averages 6-7 selections a week
  • 445% more likely to find winners than by chance
  • 98% chance of making a profit in every 4-week period

If you placed £10 per point on every bet advised so far you would have made £7,660!

That’s without re-investing any of your profits, your true gain could be three times that, you see the potential here.

Don’t miss out on this one – Copies WILL be limited at £11.75, so make sure you get your copy and grab a bargain!!

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