Sometimes A Tenner Can Buy YOU A Lot - Take A Look At This ...

4th July 2015

Latest News | Sometimes A Tenner Can Buy YOU A Lot - Take A Look At This ...

The Best Tenner You've Ever Spent...

Hi , 

What does £10 really buy you these days…not a lot normally! 

Well today that £10 is going to be a tenner well spent because it is highly likely to be worth so much more in a months time. 

Please read on and I’ll show you why. 

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Most punters go from tipster to tipster, system to system and cannot find consistent value priced winners. 

Yes ‘Value’, a commonly used word in betting terms but most punters can only dream of getting value bets, I’m not talking about short priced favourites, yes some can offer value, but I am talking about your BIG value winners. 

Today I can show you a way to find these with ease, hardly any work on your part, just a few minutes to place a few carefully calculated bets and that’s it…your job is done. 

I am talking about a proven advisor on the Betfan platform that hits these BIG value winners with incredible accuracy. 

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Frankie, who runs the service, has been there, done it and got the t-shirt! Yes he’s made mistakes and learnt the hard way, but he learnt from those mistakes and has gone on to perfect a specialist system that find’s consistent value winners in certain types of races. 

We watched this ‘live’ for four months and the results were outrageously impressive!! 

March: +159.35

April: +13.25

May: +348.37

June: +320.99 

Over 841 points profit in four months. That’s a cool £8,410 to £10 bets! 

And if that wasn’t good enough, July has started in the same vein with +140 point’s profit after two days!

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Just look at some of the winners over the last 7 days… 

I Am Not – WON 16/1

Painted Cliffs – WON 7/1

Retro Valley – WON 12/1 

Edge Of Forest – WON 25/1

It all looks to good to be true, but let me tell you this is ALL true and you can see the fully proofed results HERE 

But I am not the only one to have noticed them. Here is what Michael Wilding @ The Race Advisor had to say… 

Race Advisor Proofing… 

We've been proofing Fantastic Eights since the 6th March and currently they've made: 

44% ROI to SP

90% ROI to Advised Odds

120 Units Profit to Flat Stakes

And on Wednesday they hit a 25/1 winner! 

Here's some stats to wet your appetite further.

Over 981 Points Profit In 5 Months! 

Averaging 196.39 Points Profit A Month! 

The service is in great form as you can see above. But what is more important is how YOU can take advantage of it. 

Well I have managed to secure you a super deal to get you off to the best start…

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…But it’s only available for another THREE DAYS! 

The last 30 days have yielded over 439 points to advised stakes and BOG prices…Over Four Grand to £10 units! 

Or if you prefer level stakes…Over 124.33 points to advised BOG prices…Over One Thousand to a £10 level stake!! 

You see , sometimes £10 can buy you a lot!!

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If you like the idea of making on average 196 points a month placing ‘value’ bets. Then YOU need to take advantage of this Fantastic 8’s offer today!

Only 3 days left…so don’t hang about ! 

Best Wishes, 

In It To Win It