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18th July 2015

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Time to kick the Bookie in to touch!!

Hi , 

Introducing one of the most under-rated ways of stacking up the profits and all by simply betting the same way a bookie does. 

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Since February this service has made a cool 110.31 points profit. 

What would you do with over a grand in cash for placing a few bets everyday? 

Just recently The Winning Information Network was contacted by a gentleman who appeared to have the Midas Touch when it came to making a very healthy profit from horse racing. 

Not only did he have a great story to tell he also had back up of his winning claims from a very respected and trusted source within the horse race betting industry. 

Well what a ride it’s been. He’s been smashing the profits in every month. Not a single losing month has been seen with this exclusive service and we’re really excited about making this public. 

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