Clash of The Titans At Glorious Goodwood 2015

21st July 2015

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The countdown has begun, the anticipation is in the air and the battle against the bookies is about to strike.

YES! The Glorious Goodwood Festival is on the radar and this year it's going to be ULTRA SPECIAL!

Brace yourself for a FANTASTIC 5 days as 2 of Britain's Best Bettors go Head to Head in a Betting Battle that has been called "A War of Egos!"

The racing MASTER Andy Bell again takes on EXPERT Bettor Simon Holden in a battle that's becoming a huge story in punting circles. This promises to be one of the Greatest Gambling Battles of recent times and it's not to be missed by anyone interested in horse race betting.

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Both Andy and Simon will be tipping in every single race over the 5 days and you can be at the heart of all the action making this one of the most exciting tipping events in BetFan's history.

Since starting their own services under BetFan management their combined profits are well in excess of 1,590 points!!!

As you can imagine the buzz of excitement is nearing fever pitch as we get ready for that first race next Tuesday afternoon and it's fantastic to have the opportunity to stage such an immense battle between two gambling greats!

This is your chance to make the Glorious Goodwood Festival an event to remember for a very long time!

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It's one of the most exciting events on the summer racing calendar and the punters will be going wild driven by the media frenzy that surrounds this spectacular Festival.

The Bookies will entice you with amazing betting offers and now you will be able to take full advantage by having some of the best sourced information on every single race.

Join us today and you'll have access to all the tips provided by Andy Bell and Simon Holden over the 5 day meeting. This really is a Classic Opportunity to bet with two of the very best bettors in the country.

These professionals have Big Egos and claiming the winners crown in this major battle will mean everything to them. They'll be out to whip the bookies butts and make BIG profits!


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PS. An Early Bird fee is currently in place so act ASAP before the price increase!