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22nd July 2015

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Hi ,

It’s just happened… 

The sales page for Betting Mastermind has just gone live and...

This is going to change the way you Bet for Ever!

>> You can now join here <<

I’ve been following the videos and enjoyed every single one of them... based on the comments I can see that you have as well!

 In the past I’ve looked at trying to build a selection process using the intelligence of tipsters. One of the problems I’ve always had is… I never had access to enough tipsters.

It’s only because Betfan manage hundreds of betting tipsters that they’ve been able to do this.

There’s only one word for it… EPIC.

They were planning on keeping the price low for a while, but I’ve heard it may be going up due to demand.

So don’t waste another second… 

Head over here and grab your space immediately!

All the best,

The Bookmaker Insider

P.S. Places are limited on this for obvious reasons so do not hang about

>> You can now join here <<