If Carlsberg Did Tipster Services . . . .

18th July 2015

Latest News | If Carlsberg Did Tipster Services . . . .

Hi ,

Obviously Carlsberg do not do Tipsters services and I would think it is unlikely they ever will!

However love or hate the Drink they do make great adverts and I'm sure you get the idea . .. 

The Service we are talking about just continues to prove itself Month after Month after Month and is gaining loads of plaudits along the way!

I am quite sure you have heard about the phenomenal tipster service Lucky 7 Naps? If not then let me recommend that this is one Tipster YOU should have in your betting portfolio. 

If have heard of the service. Have you joined yet? 

If not, why not? 

Do you think it’s all too good to be true? 

Well let me tell you this, it isn’t! 

This is to put simply… 

Probably The BEST service we have EVER seen! 

A bold statement maybe, but over 16 months of profits and the results really do speak for themselves. 

In fact the MOST profitable service across the whole Betfan Group of well over 70+ Tipsters…You can see why HERE 

There are a few places left before the service hits FULL capacity again. 

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The easiest way is too give you the Lucky 7 facts. PLEASE do take in the following facts…because this is actually what’s being achieved by Lucky 7 Naps…. 


Lucky 7 Naps – The Facts!!

--> 3,405 Points Profit Since Launch In February 2014 – See the results…Click Here 

--> A MASSIVE 1,555.23 Points Profit This Year Alone – Click Here 

--> A HUGE 620 Point Profit in March (Most Profitable Month) 

--> An AMAZING 159 Points Profit In July so far (after 13 days) 

--> Average Profit in 2014 47 Points Per Week

     Or £470 per week Tax Free Income To £10 Stakes. 

--> Average Profit In 2015 50 Points Per Week

     Or £500 Per Week Tax Free Income To £10 Stakes. 

--> On Target Earnings This Year to £10 stakes, Over £26,000!!

--> 15 Profitable Months From 16, Just One Losing month!

--> 10 Of Those Profitable Months Have Finished With 100+ Points Profit! 

--> Of Those Profitable Months Have Finished With 200+ Points Profit!


The performance record as you can see is second to none; it’s not hype, its fact and all there for you to see. The guy is an absolute GENIUS!! 

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If that wasn't enough. Just look at these testimonials on the 'tipstersreview' site from happy members...

Loving this service, actually making money for a change!!
Really good service..making a good profit recommend no problem! John Stevenson  
Nothing lucky here just pure class, love this service best that I have ever tried. With lucky 7 naps you get consistent profits month after month which is what we want. Aaron Taylor
The guy behind lucky 7 naps is really a true horse racing tips genius. So consistently good and makes excellent profits week in week out. I have been a member for a good 6 months now and can say i have made over £2000 from small stakes. Happy to recommended this tipster to anyone, you will not be disappointed. Roy 
Lucky 7 naps is without any question of a doubt the best horse racing tipster out there, When I first came across him from reading the reviews on here and looked at the profits i thought "this is to good to be true" 

After putting it off for a while i decided to give lucky 7 naps a go, and ever since that day my only regret has been not signing up sooner, the profits are crazy but it is the consistency that does it for me. I am still yet to go through a bad patch with this service but IF it does happen I have amassed a huge bankroll to get through it. what a service this is hats of lucky 7!! George  
Lucky 7 naps, the god of horse tipster services. made so much money following these tips after losing so much money with loads of so called "tipsters" Feel so relived to have come across him it has really restored my belief and I very much doubt that there is a better service out there than this! challenge anyone to come up with a better service than this. lucky 7 is boss! Jaime B

This is as near as damn it to the Holy Grail as you will get...YOU will NOT find better! 

But, DO NOT sit on fence, if you do not join NOW you may not get another chance. This is the BEST THERE IS and a service EVERYONE should have in their betting portfolio. 

All Michael’s bets are straight WIN bets, nothing complicated, straight and simple to operate. How he does it and keeps doing it, we do not know, but so glad he does and he shows no sign of stopping. 

The Lucky 7 Naps Profit Bandwagon Rolls On and On!


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In all our experience, we have NEVER seen a service of this magnitude, it is a true phenomenon

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