- You Can Now Cash in At The Open For Just Five Pounds!

15th July 2015

Latest News | - You Can Now Cash in At The Open For Just Five Pounds!

Hi , 

What a cracking Offer we have for you this Evening, it is an absolute steal and we are confident the majority of you will be jumping on board!

We have now had an exciting full 13 Months of Tips from our Golf Bet Gold Service and what a year it has been

Following the advice at just £20 a Point would see you with over £14,000 Profits!

Golf Bet Gold has an incredible long term record of consistency since joining us and we highly recommend it to you.

Love it or hate it Golf betting offers you jackpot wins and you are so close to becoming a jackpot winner yourself over the next week.

This Week sees one of Golf's biggest and most Prestigious Tournaments with The 144th Open Championship at St.Andrews.

Now YOU can Cash in on The Open with this Superb Offer and a man who has a proven record to help you profit.

What’s even better is…this is as cheap as chips to test, a try before you commit offer if you like.

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Get all the top tips for The 144th Open at St. Andrews this week from Golf Bet Gold…For Only £5!! 

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No-obligation whatsoever, just try it and see, we are sure you will be impressed like we are.

So lets give you some facts, which should leave you in no doubt what to do.

Golf Bet Gold is on fire and lucky current members have enjoyed a great start to 2015.

Over 74 Points profit in June 

Over 47 Points profit in May

Over 60 Points profit in April

Over 61 Points profit in March 

Over 76 Points Profit in February

Over 77 Points Profit in January

Over 378 Points profit in 2015 and Smashing The Profits! 

You can see ALL the Bets ever advised by visiting the proofing page HERE and simply click on the individual Months for breakdown of the all Winners and Losers

Now although the results above are impressive, add them to the stats below and I am certain you will join us next week for The 144th Open at this give away price…it’s a NO-BRAINER.

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- In 2015, the service has tipped the winner in nearly 50% of events and delivered a profit of 378 points.

- Profit has been made in all but 4 weeks in 2015 showing a superb level of consistency in profits.

- Profit has been made in 11 out of the 12 full months since launch of this service

- In 2014, the service made a profit of 385.86 points on the Majors.

- This Service has backed the winner of 6 out of the last 12 Majors at odds ranging from 5/1 to 40/1. 

WOW! Those stats are utterly amazing and we cannot recommend this service more highly.

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When did you last have (if ever) a 100/1 winner?

Members of Golf Bet Gold did… 

Fabrizio Zanotti at 100/1 Stan James WON

Plus many more at HUGE double figure odds.

Ok we have established this service is pretty damn good, the results, the stats, they are all there for you to see.

Remember, there is no long-term commitment, unless you wish to continue, just £5 gets you all these potential jackpot winning bets this week

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We have no doubt you will love this service and the profits it brings to you this week, that you will remain a member for a long time.

This week is going to be Phenomenal....Enjoy!

Best Wishes,

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