This Will Ensure You HIT The Bookies Hard !

9th July 2015

Latest News | This Will Ensure You HIT The Bookies Hard !

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Just a very quick reminder Today about an exciting Service which launched a few Weeks back - Holdens Hits

Why a Reminder?

Well the places really are filling very quickly on this with only a handful of Memberships remaining

If your not involved then you may be wondering why it's filling so fast, im sure when I tell you a bit about this service you will see why

This is a late information Service from Simon Holden the man behind the well known StableLine Gold Horse Racing Service which has been banging the profits in with over 330 Points in 2015

The New Late Information Service sends all Bets as standard by SMS Text Message as well as E mail for no extra cost at all

But here are the killer facts

This is Betfan's Cheapest Service ever at just £5 a Week 

(£20 a Month)

Plus Once signed up you will get a Top Quality Betting gift offered to you on the other side worth £43 a Month to you ONGOING!

You Can Click Here To Find Out More

Remember ONLY a few Memberships left for this very special Exclusive Service

Here’s the deal on the site CURRENTLY at time of writing still… 

****************SPECIAL DEAL*****************

Try the service ongoing 28 days for just £20 Plus
a FREE Betting Gift worth £43 a Month Ongoing!



Someone with Simon’s pedigree and proven ability to make his members BIG profits…this offer is an absolute steal…a near certainty as you will ever get. 

If you do one thing today…then join Holden’s Hits we are in no doubt it will be one of the best decisions you will make. 

Do YOU Fancy Being In The Loop And Hitting The Bookies Where It Hurts? 

Then join this late call service and get 4-5 confident bets an hour or two before the race, as soon as Simon has news on a HIT, he’ll send an SMS message with full details of the bet he’s having. 

Then, just follow him in and watch as these spine tingling big HITS smash in the profits. 

CLICK HERE – For Your Very Own Top Contact

Remember this is high quality late information direct to your phone, there will not be bets every Day

Consider that and yet this Service is already 37.50 Points in profit for July and riding high in The Betfan Performance Charts

See Proofing HERE


Apologies if the Offer is closed once you get to the site, this will be full very very soon we are sure!

Best Wishes,

Stephen - Betfan Group Ltd