What Is The Most Important Ingredient ?

5th July 2015

Latest News | What Is The Most Important Ingredient ?

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Today we thought we would share with you a question we regularly ask all our Tipsters

What is the main difference between a Pro Gambler and a Normal Punter, what is the magic ingredients that takes people to that next level in their betting.

We get a variety of answers ranging from having the right contacts, hard work, Study and having the right system and in some cases we are told a variety of those factors together

But the most common answer we get from them all is a one word answer - Value!

Recognising if a selection offers Value on your Bets can make a huge difference to how your bank grows 

Here is what one very successful Professional Tipster - Joe Macintyre told us

"Well I've discovered the answer and it is now what I do to show long term profits from my betting. All of the information I discovered about consistent trends etc were true but they only made money if the horse in question had been over-priced by the bookie."

On his site Joe goes on to explain how all the Bets Racing Betting systems in the World only benefit best with the use of Value on the back end before making your final Bet Selections

His Own Story is a very interesting read which you can see HERE

Joe doesn't just talk the talk he also delivers the goods and is also very happy to prove himself to potential Members first

He currently has a superb trial offer on his very successful Value Racer site which allows you to test drive his service for 14 days for the very Low Cost of just £7

July already sees him with a superb 38 Points of Profit after just 4 Days!


Remember Value is the one key ingredient that comes up time and time again with our Pro Tipsters as being the key ingredient to success

So if you want to get started with Joe (and his service were Value is King) for minimal investment then today is the day.


We are told the £7 Trial Offer on the site is only available for a limited time so grab it now before it's gone!

Enjoy the rest of your Weekend

Best Wishes,

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