Look Who's Back and Why Is that Such Good News For YOU ?

4th July 2015

Latest News | Look Who's Back and Why Is that Such Good News For YOU ?



Next week we are all in for a REAL treat with the 3-day Newmarket July Festival starting on Thursday. 

Not just because it’s one of the best festivals on the racing calendar, but Betfan have managed to secure the services of one of the best Race Advisors out there.


This is sure to be one very special festival, the most comprehensive festival you will see with top racing advisor Michael Wilding at the helm.

You see Michael is the punters pal, he leaves no stone unturned in his efforts to help punters find winners, develop strategies and prosper from there betting and next week you can be assured you’ll be cracking open the champers in celebration of a supremely profitable 3-days of betting. 


Michael hasn’t done a festival for a while, but he loves Newmarket!

When he did the Cambridgeshire Festival he made £5,721 after Betfair commission! 

Do I Just Get Tips? 

NO…This is VERY different!! 

Michael has developed such a knowledge for betting, he has learn’t and studied every attribute required to win at horse race betting, the best techniques and strategies to winner finding and knowing the reasons why a certain horse can win. 

YOU will get an unbelievable detailed analysis of EVERY single race of the 3-day Newmarket July Festival. You will be told what to bet in each race and WHY they have been chosen. 

(Click the link below and you can see a race example) 

This is your chance to see inside the mind of a professional bettor! 


Everyone is ecstatic that Michael has agreed to do this, you see, we know that he can make a huge profit again, he is very confident of that.

This promises to be the BEST, most comprehensive and profitable Festival EVER! 

Whatever you do…DO NOT MISS this one!!


When Michael gets involved in something like this he devotes himself totally to it and this below is his own take on what is happening next Week  


I've got an exciting announcement this evening. As you know I don't tip, and there's a very good reason.  

There's nothing wrong with tipping or using tips, but when I started the Race Advisor the purpose was to help other bettors with strategies, techniques, systems and approaches to become profitable bettors.  

I'm a strong believer that finding profitable selections is only part of the battle. You have your own risk levels, bankroll, race preferences and time available.   

All of that means that selections which make a profit for me, may not make a profit for you.   

Maybe you can't cope with very long downswings and go on tilt during them. Perhaps you only like to have a couple of bets a day when I'm happy to have tens of bets a day.  

There are lots of reasons selections could work for me and not for you. Which is why I don't tip.  

And because I don't tip, I'm always getting propositions from tipster management companies to ask if I'll provide selections for festivals for them.  

I almost always so no.  

In the past I've occasionally run a three day festival special for Betfan.   

But I haven't done a three day festival for nearly a year despite almost monthly requests.  


I've decided to do one next week for the July Festival at Newmarket.  

And I'm super-excited about it.   

Every morning of racing I'm going to spend five to six hours going through each of the races by hand removing the weakest runners, finding the strongest contenders and then determining how best to bet.  

Once I've finished doing that, I'm going to share with you exactly what I found out about the race and how I'm betting it.  

What I won't be doing is to send you a selection for each race and nothing else.  

I want you to see how I analyse the races, understand the process that I'm taking to find the strongest runners and then how I decide what I want to bet on.  

Of course, you're still going to get the selections I'm betting on as well.  

Although I only do this very very rarely, I absolutely love sharing my approach (and selections) to finding winners in the best horse racing festivals. And...  

I really hope that you be able to join me for the July Festival next week.  

The last couple of times I did a three day festival we made +7.54 and +45 units profit to SP!  



As you can see Michael is very excited about this and determined to bring a highly profitable three Days to anyone who joins him  

As with Michael's previous Festival Specials it really does look like it could be a Week to remember  

Kind Regards  

Stephen - Betfan Group LTD  

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