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4th July 2015

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Andy Bell's Racing Diary - A 6k Chill. (Sat 27th - Fri 3rd June 2015)

Saturday 27th. Oi oi I'm in Weatherspoon's at Stansted airport knowing that I personally relieved the Greedy 1's of nearly 7k yesterday with the help of our maximum bet TIZLOVE REGARDLESS just about leading all the way at a super SP of 7/2 and the icing was firmly put on the cake as our SOLAR FLAIR who I advised at 9/2 absolutely bolted in at 5/2 making us all just under 40 points profit for the day and through my Betfan network and also odds2 punters who knows what we took out of the industry yesterday, what ever it was it wasn't nearly enough.

I must say it's rather the hair of the dog this morning as I am badly hanging and I can't really remember much about Madness who were performing at Newmarket last night, all I do know is I was Madness itself. We had a table and formed a right nice school at the back of the stand right beside the walkway watching the sights walk past. I don't remember Madness girls like that in my day but we had a right good time and goodness knows what and how many bottles we consumed, I did a right nice gig to "Baggy Trousers" although with hindsight I am very glad their was no video recording evidence, but who cares everybody was happy and we're all safe to tell the tale.  

We must now be hovering around the 150 points profit for this month with only a few days to go, get in there my son.

Anyway I'm now going to be away until Wednesday the 8th I think as I'm back for ladies day on Thursday the 9th for the three day July cup meeting which I love and habitually do very well in. After four losing specials maybe I will get the call to put the old firm back on track.

As I said in my closing ceremony yesterday in last weeks diary get off your butts and put these winnings to good use please.

At least it's not going to take me many glasses to top up this morning to get me into smartie pot mode and before you know it I shall be eating rabbit, lobster, snails, loads of freshly caught fish and drinking good home brewed wine and the local Cisk XL.

The Wi-Fi is very good in here and I have even been lucky enough to pitch up at the same table I was last month with the plugs and sockets right beside me, great start to the day all I need now are a couple more winners and we are rocking and rolling.

Once again the smartie pot has done its job and we land to 30 degree temperatures, rather like Greedy Joe’s was yesterday lol.

There is no time to chill as my bro, Ian and the charming Grat with Guz are at the airport to pick us up and we head back to our apartment where we're staying in Rabat to dump our stuff. It’s lucky as we don't need to pack hardly anything as most is already here.  

A quick spruce and change into more appropriate attire and Gitty and I are heading to what I am told is the best firework display on the island at Qrendi.

The fireworks are amazing and even more so when they fail and explode on the ground making a six feet crater. Until I saw the fireworks I had absolutely no idea they were up to seven feet tall and 2 feet wide, amazing things they look like skud missiles. The firework display was truly amazing, the best I have seen and it went on for nearly two hours.

We retired in to one of the local bars and I think we finally hit the sack at around 4am.

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