Get Into Top Gear This Weekend - British GP Betting Special!

1st July 2015

Latest News | Get Into Top Gear This Weekend - British GP Betting Special!

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Here at Betfan we are all crazy F1 fans. So we were all delighted when the very popular F1 Betting Service joined us again for the new F1 Season.

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As I am sure you are all aware the Formula 1 Season is now in full swing and this Weekend visits the UK with The Silverstone British Grand Prix

This is one of Eleven remaining Races for the Season with eight already gone so still well over Half the Season remaining

But tonight we have News of a superb offer fresh from a phone Call with our F1 Man in the know!

The Full season price on the site as you will see if you visit it below is £47 for the Full Season of action

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P.S. Here are a few juicy Facts for this Weekends Big Race to get your teeth into from our Formula 1 Man in the know

British GP Stats

The Silverstone circuit has had a new configuration since 2010 therefore results prior to that are not listed.

Starters  Finishers  Safety Car  Pole  Winner    Started    Win Margin  Fastest Lap

2010  24  20  Yes  Vettel    Webber    2nd  1.3sec    Alonso

2011    24  19  No  Webber  Alonso   3rd  16.5sec    Alonso

2012  23  21  No  Alonso   Webber   2nd  3.0sec  Raikkonen

2013  22  20  Yes  Hamilton  Rosberg    2nd  0.7sec  Webber

2014  22  17  Yes  Rosberg  Hamilton  6th  30.1sec  Hamilton

There have been eight different British Grand Prix winners in the past 11 years albeit none have been real surprise victors. 

It is noteworthy that none of the past five pole-setters have won the race.

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