25th July 2015


Hi ,

This time last year we were subject to a massive come down having had a month of top class football in the form of the World Cup. Do you remember all of the excitement and media coverage as dreams where won and shattered all in the space of 30 days?

I remember booking day’s off from my Horse Racing betting and focusing fully on England’s games. I even managed to win a few quid on my predictions but more on that later. 

Anyway that’s football and my forte is Horse Racing and this is where this email will excite you. What if you could replicate the buzz of the World Cup EVERY WEEK?

Okay so there’s no balls being kicked around here but the thrill of watching your horse get its head in front is just as exciting. That’s something that I get to enjoy week in week out. 

I get a buzz like cheering on my winning team every week by ONLY betting on the top class racing. 

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As you know my focus are the bigger meetings and festivals with decent prize money where trainers place their ‘plot horses’ for BIG rewards, the markets are much stronger and we can bet decent money.

If you want a full time professional punter on your side then I entice you to join "Big Race Specialist" as a full club member or as a pay as you go member... 

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So why should you listen to me? 

I spend my days at race tracks, talking to stables and trainers, mixing with well known professional gamblers and sporting TV presenters, advising and consulting individuals who are eager to make a career out of betting and so much more. 

Plus since proofing to BetKudos I have made over 105 points profits in two months. 

Remember this is not betting everyday but just at the bigger meetings. 

I was approached by one of BetKudos’ employees and they almost begged me to come on board as they’ve not had a Big Race Specialist before and it was obvious I was the man for the job. 

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So I said earlier that I won a few quid on the World Cup. Do you know how I did that?

Pure luck! I fancied a few players to score first and several score lines and put my money where my instincts where. The results? I got lucky which made me realize that having a fun punt is great especially when you get it right! 

That’s nowhere near the mark with my Horse Racing business. There’s no luck at all with the selections I provide. They are all based on logic and sound form study plus plenty of plot horses that I hear about that get put into the mix.

So I can’t wait for you to become a part of this service and get that “World Cup Feeling” every week. 

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about one of my biggest wins at Ascot which was only last month!

Best Wishes, 

The Big Race Specialist

P.S. Although prices are not really affected in the bigger meetings I will be limiting spaces to 200 and I expect them to go real fast. I want to make this a limited club for only serious bettors….