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23rd Nov 2017

Compounding And How It Works

We’ve had a few support tickets through over the last couple of weeks about how compounding works, what is it, how it works and more importantly does it work. In today’s short article I’ll go through the mechanics of compounding and how best to use it. So in essence, compounding is a way to increase […]

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Starting With A Small Bank And Growing It

For those of you that follow my weekly ramblings, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of patience and discipline. These two virtues need to be applied to our money management that I keep banging on about and needs to be enforced from the outset. One way we can instil this within ourselves is to […]

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Is This Tipster Right For Me?

This week I’ve uploaded a brand new video that shows you how to find out if a tipster is right for you before subscribing to them. I’ve created a calculator at the bottom of the page that you can use after watching the video. IS THIS TIPSTER RIGHT FOR YOU CALCULATOR Click on the link […]

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Money On-Line – Is It Real?

  I wanted to talk today about the concept of betting on-line and how we need to approach it differently to betting on course or in the shops. The problem with having money in a betting account on-line is it becomes almost unreal. It’s all very well seeing a balance that says £100 but it’s […]

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Why You Should Always Take A Price

The SP (starting price) is the most accurate measure of a horses chance of winning the race. If it goes off at evens then it has a fifty-fifty chance of winning and so on. This is the case 90% of the time but what of the other? The other 10% is what is called smashing […]

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