Updating The Portfolio – A Profit Is Made

Posted on 22nd March 2018 @ 08:59 am

In January of this year, I looked at portfolio betting and why it’s essential to anyone wishing to make a profit from their betting.

I trial a lot of tipsters and spend a heap of time looking and following the proofing on the Betfan proofing pages. You can view all of our services, here.

In my first article, back in January, I looked at a portfolio of 3 tipsters. They were –

The Judge

15 Point Plan

Value Wins

At the end of January, we can see that following the above three tipsters would have seen you more than double your bank after subs have been deducted.

The Judge made £35.31

The 15 Point Plan made £513.70

Value Wins made £637.65

After subs have been deducted our profit would have been £1,015.06.

Let’s look at how we would have got on so far this year. Using the staking plan highlighted in last month’s article (which you can read, here) we have the following results –

The Judge has made £1,764.06

The 15 Point Plan has made £384.55

Value Wins has made £76.96

This means that the portfolio is showing a profit of £2,225.57 since the beginning of the year.

Let’s be realistic and take away the subscription fees (based on 90-day subs) and we’re still £1,889.57p to the good.

So, you can see that by using the calculator from last month’s article, staking correctly and patience, after nearly 12 weeks, our bank is well intact and we’re in profit.

I will re-visit this portfolio, next month and we’ll see how this has done as we come to the end of the first quarter.

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