Cricket Corruption – New Investigation Forces World Cricket to Face the Evidence – By Dave Owens

Posted on 3rd November 2018 @ 11:01 am

The second and most recent documentary by broadcaster Al Jazeera regarding match fixing in cricket should now finally force ICC (International Cricket Council) to face the fact that there is evidence of potential widespread corruption in the game and an investigation at the very least should take place into the findings of both programmes. 

The latest offering from Al Jazeera centres around a notorious cricket match fixer Aneel Munawar, who has been operating for the last 8 years. The documentary engineered an undercover meeting with Munawar in the guise of a businessman working on behalf of rich investors to pay Munawar large sums of money for information on sections of play in 15 international match’s (usually the amount of runs scored in a 10 over period) and Munawar successfully inform them of the outcome of 25 out of 26 passages of play (with the one losing bet, out by 1 run) and can easily be credited as an accident. Independent analysis on this shows that the outcome by guesswork alone would be around 9.2 million to 1. 

While not an irrefutable case on this alone, the history of the last decade has seen players banned and, in some cases, jailed from the following countries of England, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Zimbabwe. The immediate aftermath of the documentary seems to be antagonism between the Al Jazeera and the ICC with the ICC saying of the programme: “Whilst the limited information we have been given by Al Jazeera is poorly prepared and lacks clarity and corroboration it has been properly assessed” and goes on to talk in dismissive tones of what has been brought forward. 

With Al Jazeera now keen on taking its findings to Interpol at the exclusion of the ICC who they claim they have no faith in dealing with corruption of the game. It would seem that the ICC and all international cricket boards have really got to come together on this issue as it seems incredibly likely that corruption is taking place at the highest level and its more likely a case of who and when as opposed to if certain periods of matches are. 

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