Cheltenham Or Not? – By High Roller Racing

Posted on 12th March 2019 @ 10:49 am

Well the annual Cheltenham Festival is again here for a superb meeting of the best bumper, hurdlers, chasers and cross country horses that are on offer throughout the meeting. This meeting smells of quality… it looks exuberant and that’s because it is. This is the highlight and pinnacle of the National Hunt season despite what anyone else tells you.

BUT… is it a betting proposition over the other meetings that take place whilst the Festival is on from Tuesday until and including Friday. As a tipster and Punter I look at all the other meetings too. You cannot discount the other meetings just because it’s the Cheltenham Festival. I recall many years ago… in fact too long ago… an old guy told me that a 2/1 winner at Sedgefield pays the same return as a 2/1 winner at the Cheltenham Festival… so please don’t ignore this advice given to me about 50 years ago. This old guy was in my mind a masterful person who if he did what he said then he was a fine judge of our four legged friends indeed… he also told me these three points:-

1. If you haven’t been to the wedding then don’t go to the funeral… I asked what he mean’t… he said son if a horse has won three on the run why do you need to back it as usually it ends in a defeat.

2. If a horse is odds on and never won then do not back it… let it run without your cash on it!

3. If your horse hasn’t won over the distance and/or going then again don’t invest your money.

Do you know I think these points made to me a very valid points… you watch and see how often these statements work out in your favour.

Well I have three planned bets for Cheltenham but I am still, like the rest of you, unsure at the time of writing who is running in which race as several horses have multiple entries. When I know the declarations then I can plan the week ahead.

I have a horse at Sedgefield this week that WILL NOT be beaten. Connections really fancy their chances with this one.

Also watch out for the news of who runs where at Cheltenham BUT don’t lay all your eggs out on a stall at Cheltenham when there will be good opportunities away from there.

High Roller is very geared up for this week and I am pretty certain by the end of the week we will be counting our winnings.

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