The Champion’s Table

Posted on 13th June 2017 @ 09:11 am

We’ve just added a great new feature to the site, where we can view the champion tipsters in any given time frame, SP or BSP, advised stakes or level flat stakes and ROI. All of this, in one easy place and you can check it out here –

Find Out Who The Champion’s Are Here

So, how best to use this page?

You can see the circles in red can be changed to whatever you want to look for and the table will automatically change the table to the best tipsters in that criteria.

We can see that the four tipsters, above, with All Time, Advised Odds and to Flat Stakes are the best four in the business.

Once you have found your preferred tipster, you need to head over to this page –

Is This Tipster Right For Me?

In the post above, we explain how to use all of the information from the Champion’s Table and convert that into whether or not the tipster will work for you. It gives you the power to make an informed decision, before subscribing.

Here’s the link to the calculator again –


Any questions, let us know in the comments and we’ll be pleased to help 🙂

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