Betting For Fun?

Posted on 18th July 2017 @ 09:31 am

There’s always a point that is sometimes overlooked within betting and that is, that some people aren’t that fussed about showing a long term profit. Some people just want the thrill of plenty of winners and have some fun along the way.

I often forget that this is the case and bang on about various methods of profiting from the horses by trading or exploiting bookmakers loopholes.

So what of those that are in it just for the fun?

Are they mad?

No, is the answer and millions of people are betting just for the thrill and excitement of it all.

Take my mother in law for example. I have spent over a year now showing her how to trade free bets and use various trading methods and this alone has paid for them to go on holiday twice. The father in law, however, is just not that interested and just enjoys the odd big win from an acca on the footy at the weekend.

He sees his wife cashing in profits every month but would rather risk two quid on a 10-fold and wait 5 years for one to come in!

This, of course, fascinates me as I have been making profits for over 8 years now and wonder why anyone wouldn’t want to do the same?

This brings me to a very important point about betting. You need to ask yourself the following question –

“Do I bet for fun or am I serious about making long term profits?”

If answered honestly you’d be surprised at how many people would actually rather bet for fun.

However looking at the above question determines what type of tipster/system you should be looking at. If you like winners and lots of fun but aren’t that fussed on making a long term profit then you should be looking at high strike rate services. This means that you get plenty of action and plenty of fun. A higher strike rate means that you’re betting at the top end of the market which can be harder to turn a profit.

If you are serious about making long term profits then sometimes you have to be more business minded and have the balls to stick out longer losing runs as you go against the crowd and find more outsiders.

Have a think about what type of bettor you are and decide how you would prefer to bet and this can be the first step to taking the stress out of gambling.

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