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1st Aug 2017

Mr Green Bookmaker

No single individual knows the full story of Mr Green’s origins, bar Mr Green himself. From his mysterious birth, the disappearance of his parents and growing up in an orphanage; to his journey into adulthood and his rise from poverty to riches. Mr Green likes to live his life away from the spotlight, remaining an […]

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Betting For Fun?

There’s always a point that is sometimes overlooked within betting and that is, that some people aren’t that fussed about showing a long term profit. Some people just want the thrill of plenty of winners and have some fun along the way. I often forget that this is the case and bang on about various […]

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Multiples Betting At BSP

We’ve had a lot of people asking how we place multiple bets at BSP. It’s fairly straightforward and in this article, we look at how we can do this. If you don’t have an account then you can grab one here – Betfair Account We need to make sure that we’re on the exchange part […]

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Missing Out On Those Winners?

I was asked over the weekend as to how many bets I actually place in a day, week or month. Very good question I thought and proceeded to explain that it all depended on what my various databases and systems threw at me. Sometimes I may have none at all and others it maybe as […]

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Trading Made Simple

Today I wanted to look at and re-visit how trading works and what a simple process it is once we know what we’re doing. I think a lot of punters are put off because there’s a certain amount of effort required in order to make it work. I want to quote someone I spoke to […]

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