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An exciting, tried, tested and proven horse racing service that's sure to get your adrenaline rushing when it comes to winning superior profits at the races! Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing! It's every racing fans one and only dream and with "TWL ProTip" it comes with the promise of edge of your seat entertainment!

I'm an experienced racing fan who has been working with a network of other racing professionals to unleash one of, if not the very best Services available on the market today!

The profits and return on investment being made are mind blowing!

We've created the ULTIMATE winning strategy and are now ready to deliver the best professional bets directly to YOU!

If it's the best quality racing bets you're after then don't leave because the plan is a fine tuned bookie basher for not only strike rate but for the juicy profits that you've been constantly looking for.

Whilst the actual Pro Tip strategy must remain private the service is now open to people looking for a membership that provides regular winners at prices most other advisors can only dream about. Once you've had a taste of the selections you'll become a long term fan of a unique service that tips up one quality bet a day Monday to Saturday.

I know exactly what's out there in the tipping world and can tell you that there's not much that can come close to my Pro Tips!

As a member there are going to be days when you're going to be jumping for joy as the cash flows from the very best horse racing selection.

We're looking at Notable WINNERS like...

  • What A Moment @ 11/1
  • Premier Portrait @ 10/1
  • Arnabillis @ 11/2
  • Powerallied @ 5/1
  • Smiley Bagel @ 5/1
  • Clondaw Westie @ 9/2
  • On Tour @ 4/1
  • Minella Voucher @ 4/1
  • Excellent George @ 7/2
  • Midnight Target @ 3/1

You can't beat the thrill when you're on the winner at a very nice price can you?

If you're after winners like this and other advisors have somewhat let you down then I entice you to drop everything and give TWL Pro Tip a fair trial. I won't insult your intelligence, the strategy does have losing days but as you'll soon see, the winning days are frequent and truly profitable!

Through TWL Pro Tip and all my close contacts I have created an opportunity of great value and I can assure you that the selections you'll receive will be the exact same bets backed by myself.

It goes without saying that if you want to win at the races then you need to copy a successful bettor.

We analyse breeding, past performance, race times and running style to assess the racehorses entered for the days racing. We also get the latest gallops news which is also very helpful.

We then synthesise all this information and then highlight the days best winning chances. Once we have seen the odds and compare it with our own assessments, we let our members have the number one bet of the day.

On joining I will recommend a starting point bank and when advice is sent you'll know exactly what to bet. You then place the bet and start winning the cash.

The obvious aim is to keep you as a very happy, long term winning member. We will continue to work extremely hard, burn the midnight oil and deliver you the very best daily bet available.

There are a good few reasons to hurry and grab a place with me ASAP! First, if you've had enough of throwing money down the drain by following advisors whose systems simply don't work then you need a service that can start boosting your betting bank. Second, the current membership fee's are considerably low for the quality of advice that's offered. The six month deal is simply crazy!

I proofed the power of the Pro Tip strategy to BetFan and they absolutely loved the bets.

Who Wouldn't?

All bets to 1-point level stakes between 1st September 2017 and the 11th March 2018

  • Bets: 149
  • Wins: 75
  • SR%: 50.33%
  • First 3 Finishes: 109
  • First 3 Finish: %: 73%
  • P/L: +92.66 points
  • ROI: 62.1%
  • Average odds: 2.62/1 (just under 11/4)
  • Average monthly profit: +15 points
  • Longest Winning Run: 7
  • Longest Losing Run: 6

What's more exciting is my compounding investment plan that turned a £1,000 bank into over £17,000 in just over 6 months!

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing information is available from September 2017.

The advice to the general punter is new and I know many readers will be sceptical of paying what I believe the service is really worth.

So for now the decision has been made to offer three subscription levels, one month, three months and six months membership. All of which are fair within the industry and the latter option an absolute bargain!

Once the daily selection is at hand it will be emailed to all members. The target is to get the tip out by 10.00 am at the very latest. Also, as emails can sometimes go astray the selection will also be made available online.

Remember, the plan is 100% focused on finding winning bets! Where many advisors offer safe and boring naps, the Pro Tip is all about winning at decent prices.


If you want that experience then I encourage you to join today. Be one of the first and you'll be locked in at the subscription you choose.

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  • 7 Days Membership is £15.00
  • 28 Days Membership is £45.00
  • 90 Days Membership is £126.00 (£42.00 per month)
  • 6 Months Membership is £214.00 (£35.67 per month) *Best Value

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As you can see our six month deal is the best value for money here working out at just £35.67 per month!
This saves you a massive £56.00 over paying a monthly subscription.
Well worth considering!

Thanks for your time and interest. We look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

Please Note: Alll prices are exclusive of VAT. Purchases made from EU countries will be charged VAT at the relevant rate.